you deserve

I’m 23 years old. I’m black. I’m a woman. There are so many statistics in between those very words that sadly, to some people it would be a surprise to hear of how I just graduated with a master’s degree from a really good school.
However, all that withstanding I’m happy and so privileged to say that I live in a society where (higher) education is not only welcomed, it’s encouraged and celebrated.
I’m happy that my stats are not stats at all but badges of honor I get to don proudly because of the places and way I was raised.

So to those who are told you can’t because of you’re background or current situation, that your dreams don’t suit the color of your skin or your gender, remember that you can either carry your traits like a ball and chain around your ankle or diamonds around your neck.

It doesn’t matter what hasn’t worked for others before if it works for you now – just go for it! To the meanies (yes, I said meanies) who tell you no, pay them no mind. Focus on yourself and using your own badges of honor to help you cross that finish line. Know that when you are ready I and a few others will be waiting to cheer you on – roses and all. Anyone who takes the time out to go for their goals should be celebrated.

You are worthy of celebration.




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